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Lindy Hop Balboa Jazz Classes Philadelphia

RagTag offers swing dance classes including Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Authentic Jazz in Philadelphia.


Jazz Era / Swing Dance Classes in Philadelphia 

Our teaching puts its arms around LGBQT+ love and identity, as well as all body types, abilities, and ages. 

Lindy Hop Fundamentals: Sundays at Urban Movement Arts 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Starting a New 6 week series on SUNDAY APRIL 7: in Rittenhouse Square. 

 Beginner Swing: $65/ 6 WEEK SERIES   REGISTER ONLINE

This class is for total beginners! It's okay to feel like you have two left feet. Ragtag teaches the original Swing dance, otherwise known as Lindy Hop. Lindy Hop was created by young black teenagers in Harlem in the 1930's. Lindy Hop is danced with a partner to classic big band music, swampy New Orleans jazz , or even Motown. Ragtag encourages new dancers to choose to learn either leading or following (regardless of gender). No partner necessary; all our classes rotate partners constantly because learning happens more quickly and it's more fun! Classes are taught by dancers active in the Lindy Hop scene, who are always expanding their range of teaching tools and Lindy techniques. Lindy Hop teaches body awareness, rhythm, improvisation, and social skills. Great for those who are brand new as well as more experienced dancers.

Intermediate Lindy Hop: Sundays at Urban Movement Arts 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Starting a New 6 week series on SUNDAY APRIL 7: in Rittenhouse Square. 

 Advanced Beginner Swing: $65/ 6 WEEK SERIES   REGISTER ONLINE

This  series approaches improving lindy hop dancing by paying close attention to the specific strengths and weaknesses of everyone in class. The difficulty level will accommodate a range of previous experience.  Topics may include: strengthening and stylizing swing outs, tandem & collegiate Charleston, musicality, and parts of the California Routine (a historical Lindy Hop choreography). This course is designed to help  students develop freer and complex dancing, as well as lots of agency and independence as a swing dance student! If you’re not sure if you're the right level, just ask!   

Solo Jazz: Sundays at Urban Movement Arts 4:30 - 5:30 pm

Solo Jazz  with Lily Kind! Solo JazzSolo Jazz refers to black vernacular dances styles ranging from Cake Walk and Charleston to Be-bop and early rock and roll. It indicates dancing without a partner (rather than dancing with a partner, like Lindy Hop). Unlike Broadway Jazz, it has no influences from ballet. Solo Jazz can be  improvised or choreographed. It ranges from sly and slinky to aerobic and goofy.

Solo Jazz: $10/$15 Drop In — no start/stop dates, just drop in anytime!

$40 Intro Month: Unlimited classes!  + class card packages available at www.urbanmovementarts.com

Balboa: Wednesdays at Harmony Studios  - on hold until further notice

 Balboa: $65/ 6 WEEK SERIES 

Starting a New 6 Week series November 7 . *8:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Balboa II Class

9:00-10:00 pm: Open Social dance (free with class or $5 to stop in for the dance!)

Balboa is a close-quarters, upright form of swing dance, invented out of necessity on crowded dance floors in California. Our classes are taught by Paul Salter and Diane Biunno who have been dancing Balboa since 1998 and are deep in  the Philadelphia Jazz and Swing scene. Perhaps the closest and least aerobic of the swing dances, balboa is great for anyone who appreciates connection and fast tempo jazz. Balboa is sexy, smooth, place to start partner swing dance. For those who already have swing dance experience, it will help you to become a more dynamic dancer. No partner necessary.

Pre-register by emailing ragtagphilly@gmail.com