swing & jazz


New Classes! New Friends!

Pretty stoked about this one folks. We're partnering with Urban Movement Arts to host Three NEW Classes! Plus, open practice! Check out the schedule in  "Class" page in the Menu ^up there ^.  And we're still hosting Balboa on Tuesdays at Soundspace!


Let's Go!

do some jazz dancing

We want you to get poly-dance-amorous. Urban Movement Arts (UMA) also offers fitness, hip hop, and yoga. You get your workout, your zen out, and your SWING out with one membership. We've found that while Jazz remains primary, learning in our bodies about other Diaspora dances, not only improves our dancing (Lily thinks the fast-feet-cardio of House and the larger-than-life-attiude of Breaking helped her win the Lindy 500 Solo Jazz contest, pictured above) but also helps us understand the important role of Jazz within American/Black Vernacular history. It's also why you should test out Tap with Pam at Soundspace!

Lily Kind